Winter break 2020

Selection of program for Winter break, no Finnish required. For the complete program, please see our program in Finnish.

Astra – Contemporary circus performance for children

19.-22.2., 15.00

Let’s go for a trip to space!
We are part of the universe and the astres surround us. Science has answered many of our questions but there is still much that we don’t know. Luckily, human beings have the wonderful capacity of imagination! Our trip around the universe will be full of surprises, as we explore different planets and discover strange species.
What happens in a black hole? The light and sound designs connect seamlessly to the action on stage and the magical, in large part live music.
After the show, children can come on stage to try the different disciples they have seen during the performance with the help of the artists: acrobatics, juggling and body percussion – music, which the participants will try in turn. Children also have an opportunity to ask questions and talk with the artists.
Duration of the performance is 35 min, workshop 25–40 min.
Sign up for the workshop before the beginning of the performance at the doors of Caisa.
Age recommendation: 5–12 years old
Language: The performance is wordless
The languages that are possible to use in the workshop: Finnish, Swedish, French, English

Circus fundamentals winter workshop at Stoa, 7 to 10 year-olds

Wed 19.2. – Fri 21.2.
Circus fundamentals is a workshop class focused on cultivating the strength, body awareness, confidence, and personal style needed to unleash your circus potential. Wed – Fri 19th – 21th February 9.30-12.30
Students will explore hand-balancing, partner acrobatics, acrobatics solo, toss juggling, and clowning as part of building a strong foundation in technique and artistry while encouraging creative expression. Just join us with sport clothes and a lot of curiosity.
Teacher: Enrique Salas
Enrique is a versatile sports and arts professional. He has experience as a physical education teacher, gymnast, capoeirista, clown and circus artist. Originally from Chile, Enrique has worked with the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare, Circus Helsinki, the Cultural Center in Kaisa and several festivals. In recent years, he has focused on projects aimed specifically at immigrants and refugees. In his classes, students learn not only circus tricks but also expression, collaboration, and other important skills.
Languages: English, Spanish, Finnish

Chevalier – Race Horse Company, circus performance (sold out)

19th, 20th, 21st and 23rd of February, 10.00
Stoa, Turunlinnan tie 1
Keppihevossirkus Race Horse Company’s Chevalier is a hilarious and atmospheric performance for children and families that takes its audience into the world of noble circus steeds!
In this performance inspired by the history of circus, the circus’ ringmaster rides a hobbyhorse and performs traditional circus tricks with hobbyhorses: acrobatics, juggling, balance tricks and clownery, adding a touch of Kalle Lehto’s unique style, humour and the motional expression of a breakdancer to the mix!
Age recommendation: 4+
Duration: 40 min

The Shrove Sunday hobby horse circus event in Stoa square

Sun 23.2.
Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1
Stoa celebrates Shrovetide with the Chevalier performance by the Race Horse Company, and in wintery circus moods in Stoa square. Come and make your own hobby horse or just have wintery fun.

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‘Erilaiset’ exhibition, Jyri Pitkänen & Eveliina Talvitie

Fri 7.2.2020 – Sun 22.3.2020
Stoa Galleria
Turunlinnantie 1 , Helsinki
Free entry
The Erilaiset exhibition allows you to visit different kinds of homes in the Nordic countries, elsewhere in Europe, in Russia, and in Africa. The photos by Pitkänen and the texts by Talvitie open up the lives of the main characters and their families in an outspoken and beautiful way.

Underwater Recordings – workshop

Thu, Fri 20.-21.2.
Vuotalo, Keramiikkapaja (Mosaiikkitori 2)
Each participant will make a microphone to record underwater. We will use a premade template to build the microphone components. Learning outcomes: basics of electronics, introduction to sound recording, and experiencing our environment through our ears. The workshop consists of building the hydrophone and making a field trip to the sea and making underwater recordings. No prior experience or knowledge is required.
Age recommendation: 12+
Language: Finnish and English

EasySport week in Töölö Sports hall

Mon-Fri 17.-21.2.
in Kisahalli, Paavo Nurmen kuja 1 C
children 1,5 €, adults 3,5 €, others 2€.
A variety of activities for children from 7 to 12 years in cooperation with local sport societies.
Info in Finnish 

Ice skating event in Kontula skating rink

Thu 20.2. 14-17
Kontula skating rink 
Free event
Come and try skating, rink bandy (kaukalopallo) and ringette. Experts of different sports will be present to guide beginners. Some equipment is available, but we recommend participants to take their own skates and helmets.

Wibit Aquatrack obstacle course

Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri, 17.-19.2 and 21.2. from 10 to 16
Itäkeskus Swimming hall

20-meter-long obstacle course in a pool in with swimming hall entrance fee. On place Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday during winter break.

Paloheinä Winter event – CANCELLED


Traffic City Family days

Mon. – Fri 17-21 Feb 9-15, free entry
Lasten liikennekaupunki, Auroranportti 2, Helsinki

Children’s Traffic City organises joyful family days during the winter break holidays. Family days are open days without age limits where adults guide and teach their own children in traffic education. The traffic city offers the pedal cars. The driving time per driver is about 30 min (or less) if there are more drivers than cars. You may bring your own lunches. Our café is not open during the winter break.

Children’s groups! Please let us know in advance of your arrival so that we can prepare for your visit!

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Dance workshops: Charleston, Big Apple and the roots of Hip Hop

Sun, 23 Feb
at 13:15 -14 for 7-12-year-olds
at 14:15-15 for 13-16-year-olds

Stoa, Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki

Dancers Clyde and Malin Wilder invite participants on a rhythmic dance trip to the 1920-40’s USA where jazz dances such as Charleston, Big Apple and Shim Sham Shimmy were popular dances among youth. With the help of these dances, participants also learn about the roots of Hip Hop and other street dances of our time. Language: Finnish, Swedish and English.

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Egunnuko mascerade show

Sun, 23 Feb at 12:45-13
Stoa,Turunlinnantie 1, Itäkeskus, Helsinki
The colorful and mysterious Egunnuko brings an African dance party to Stoa. Originally from Nigeria, Egunnuko comes out dancing at various parties, parades and carnivals. Egunnuko, however, needs the audience’s help to hear the rhythms it dances to. Free admission.

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HAM Helsinki Art Museum

Tue–Sun 11–19
Free entry for children under 18 and with Museum Card


Jaakko Niemelä – Nostalgia
The artist has travelled in his father’s footsteps on ocean-going ships and explored the places he visited, documenting his journeys by drawing, writing, taking photographs and video.

State of Mind – Helsinki 1939–1945
The exhibition, which will be spread over Tennispalatsi and Villa Hakasalmi, will showcase pessimism and optimism as reflected by visual art and photographs, in addition to providing a broader look at the visual world that people had to get used to during wartime.

Genderfuck 1900
HAM Helsinki Art Museum participates in recent debates about gender and its discontents with the exhibition Genderfuck 1900.

Tove Jansson
Tove Jansson (1914–2001) are amongst the most cherished pieces in the HAM collection. HAM has dedicated some of its galleries to an exhibition of the artist’s life and works.

Corinna Helenelund: The Backyard on the Seventh Floor
The Backyard on the Seventh Floor is a space in-between, a mental balcony, not inside, not outside but an inner outside.

Vilho Lampi
Vilho Lampi (1898–1936) was a landscape painter from Liminka, in the north of Finland, whose life was cut short by suicide. Lampi’s strong and expressive career lasted only 14 years, during which time he experimented with many styles of painting, ranging from expressionism to pointillism.

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Sat 15.2. 14.00–16.00

Saturday Art Workshop:  Picture messages – art post cards in different techniques

Immerse yourself in art by creating and experiencing it in good company! Join as you are; no prior knowledge or skill required! For all ages, children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

No registration required.

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Sat 22.2. 13.00

English-language guided tours of the State of Mind – Helsinki 1939–1945 and Nostalgia exhibitions.

Sat 22.2. 14.00–16.00

Saturday Art Workshop: Shipwreck – maritime paper cuts

Immerse yourself in art by creating and experiencing it in good company! Join as you are; no prior knowledge or skill required! For all ages, children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

No advance registration required.

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